Auto Insurance

At Homestead we deal with ICBC as well as a private market for your collision, comprehensive and extended Liability.

ICBC Services

The basic autoplan insurance provided by ICBC is required for all motor vehicles licensed and insured in BC.

Basic Autoplan Insurance includes five main coverages:

  1. Third-Party Liability ($200,000)
  2. Accident Benefits
  3. Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP)
  4. Protection Against Hit-and-Run and Uninsured Motorists
  5. Inverse Liability Coverage

Basic Autoplan coverage applies only in Canada and the U.S.A., including Hawaii and Alaska. It does not extend to Mexico or any other country.

Optional Autoplan insurance. Common choices include:

Extended Third-Party Legal Liability
(limits available up to $5,000,000)

(repairs or replaces your vehicle if you are at fault)

(covers loss or damage not covered by collision)

ICBC offers the following savings & discounts:

  • Savings for seniors
  • Driver experience savings
  • Safe driving savings
  • Savings for Roadster’s
  • Disability discount
  • Anti-theft device discount
  • Fleet discounts

ICBC Misunderstandings

There are a few areas of confusion regarding ICBC. Some could deny coverage.

  • If a driver forgot to renew their Autoplan and then is in an accident, it does not make them automatically at fault. They would only be guilty of driving without Insurance
  • I share the car with my spouse. I use the car 3 days a week, and she uses two days a week, but puts more miles on then I do so her safe drivers discount should be used. The Safe Drivers Discount is based on ‘possession’, who has the car most of the time.
  • I keep my 2nd car in the states at my vacation property year round. I have it Insured for Territory ‘Z’. Territory ‘Z’ is for any vehicle that are being located outside of BC. An example of this would be a student going to school in Alberta or Washington state. A condition of the insurance is that the vehicle must be brought back to BC within the Insured year.

Collector Car Insurance

ICBC provides an ideal policy for those who have an ‘Oldie but a Goodie’. There are very specific qualifications, but if you qualify, the annual premium is very inexpensive.

And for those who want something better, we also deal with the ‘Hagerty’ Classic Car Insurance policies.