Farm Insurance

Whether you have a small hobby farm or a full size dairy operation, we at Homestead can help to ensure you are carrying the proper Liability Insurance.

Hobby Farms

A Hobby Farm may be small, but they still have a farm exposure and need to carry the proper Liability Insurance. The typical Home Owner policy will not respond accordingly.

Common Hobby farms in the area:

  • Tree Farm
  • Eggs, Chickens
  • Berry Farms
  • Beef or Dairy


  • Equestrian Centres
  • Animal Mortality
  • Veterinarian Malpractise

Large Farms

  • Barns, Buildings and Other Structures located on your farm
  • Contents Coverage of property used in your farming operations
  • Farm Liability
  • Farm Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Parts
  • Feed, Grain, Chemicals, Fertilizer and Produce
  • Livestock
  • Boarding and Training of Horses Coverage
  • Feedlot Liability Coverage
  • Loss of Use Coverage on Farm Machinery
  • Milk Contamination Coverage
  • Replacement Cost Coverage on Farm Machinery*